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Alan Ruck, American Actor ( July 1, 1956 - )

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When I'm doing a drama, I wish I was doing something funny. When I'm doing something funny, I wish I was doing something more serious. I think it's just human nature.~Alan Ruck

Funny Nature Wish

I really enjoyed multicamera comedy. You film in front of a live audience, and it's kind of the best of both worlds. It's like doing a one-act play every week, but if you screw your lines up, you get to do it over.~Alan Ruck

Best Week Doing

'Spin City' was a really wonderful time for me. I made friends for life on that show. I made friends with Richard Kind, Michael Boatman, Barry Bostwick, Sandy Chaplin. We're all close. It was a really wonderful time.~Alan Ruck

Life Time Friends

I think multicamera comedy is a much-maligned American art form.~Alan Ruck

Art American Think

I grew up in Cleveland and started doing plays in high school. And I went to the University of Illinois, and I majored in drama. And after school, I went up to Chicago, because I didn't really know anybody in New York or Los Angeles, and I knew people who were doing plays in Chicago.~Alan Ruck

School People High School

Nobody's ever gonna accuse me of being a singer, but I can sing.~Alan Ruck

Me Nobody I Can

I did a musical that I don't think anybody ever saw, called 'One Shining Moment,' and in that cast was Megan Mullally and Kevin Anderson.~Alan Ruck

Moment Think Did

I moved from Chicago to New York in 1984 for 'Biloxi Blues.' In 1989, my wife and our then-baby daughter moved to Los Angeles to try to get in television.~Alan Ruck

Wife Daughter Television

People would say, 'Boy, I really loved you in Ferris Bueller," and it would really aggravate me. I thought I was a one-trick pony, and people had seen the trick. Now that things have worked out and I've gone on to other things, I'm really pleased that people enjoy it.~Alan Ruck

People Loved Me