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Adam Schlesinger, American Musician ( October 31, 1967 - )

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In promotional mode, every day is a series of decisions. You can easily fill up your day with checklist stuff.~Adam Schlesinger

Day Decisions You

I like switching gears. I'm kind of a chameleon.~Adam Schlesinger

Kind Like Chameleon

I had a job transcribing a biotechnology-litigation seminar. You put headphones on and fast-forward and stop with your feet. There were a lot of 'um's.'~Adam Schlesinger

Job You Feet

It's always been my philosophy to keep a lot of balls in the air. With music, most things don't pan out, so you try to increase your odds by being involved with a million things at once.~Adam Schlesinger

Music Philosophy You

I don't ever feel like I'm being an actor.~Adam Schlesinger

Feel Actor Like

One of the more surreal days I've ever had in the recording studio was Martin Fry teaching Hugh Grant his old dance moves. Showing him how to do the hair-flip and the point, and all these sort of trademark moves of his.~Adam Schlesinger

Dance Him Old

I think people sometimes confuse 'catchy' with something that should automatically be a hit in today's world. I mean, obviously we write a lot of stuff that's catchy, that sticks in your head. But that doesn't necessarily mean that middle-school kids are going to want to listen to a song about a lawyer or a Subaru or whatever.~Adam Schlesinger

Today World People

I think in most cases, when you're writing a song, you're just making up a little story, and you're not really thinking about making a point one way or another about it. You're just coming up with a little scenario and seeing it through, and that's it.~Adam Schlesinger

Thinking Writing You

I've never really had the desire to be a front person or a solo artist. I don't really create that much of a hierarchy in my mind.~Adam Schlesinger

Artist Mind Desire

I just like to stay busy, and I like to work with interesting people.~Adam Schlesinger

Work People Busy

Making your own records is really satisfying in the sense that you more or less get to do what you want. It may not sell or whatever, but on an artistic level, the only people that you really have to fight with are the people in your own band.~Adam Schlesinger

May Fight People

With Fountains of Wayne, after 'Stacy's Mom' happened, we started making a little bit more money and getting a little bit more known.~Adam Schlesinger

Mom Money More

A song sometimes ends up with its own internal logic.~Adam Schlesinger

Logic Song Sometimes

Most of your day is spent working, and being in a band is no different. We're just business travelers in a way.~Adam Schlesinger

Business Day Working

Bands like R.E.M. and even The Replacements, during that initial wave of college rock, would sell 40, 50, 100,000 copies of a record, and that would be seen as extremely successful - and definitely enough to keep doing more.~Adam Schlesinger

College Successful Doing

Every year, there's some band that plays guitar-oriented pop music that has a single, but for the most part, it's kind of relegated to the sidelines.~Adam Schlesinger

Music Single Band

I usually start with a lyric and see where that takes me.~Adam Schlesinger

Me Start See

For me, it's just more satisfying when you follow the rules rather than just make a bunch of sounds. The magic of just making noise in the studio goes away after a while.~Adam Schlesinger

Me Rules Magic

A band can define their own success.~Adam Schlesinger

Success Band Define

I just try to tell a story rather than present an open diary to the world.~Adam Schlesinger

World Present Story

If you're sitting in a place like Martha's Vineyard, I don't think you're going to write a song about a ski resort.~Adam Schlesinger

You Song Think

Andy Chase and I were keyboard players originally, and we became guitarists later. But it's fun for us to focus more on the keyboard stuff sometimes.~Adam Schlesinger

Focus Fun Sometimes

I always have to be thinking about who's going to be singing this song, what the context is. I don't sit around just writing in a vacuum, ever.~Adam Schlesinger

Thinking Writing Singing

With Fountains Of Wayne, I almost always start with lyrics - maybe not the entire lyric, but I almost always need a couplet or something, and then I work from there. With Ivy, it's much more about the atmosphere and the vibe.~Adam Schlesinger

Work Start Always

What should a song be about? It's a trick question for songwriters because lots of amazing songs aren't 'about' anything. Or, at least, they're not about anything that's obvious or logical.~Adam Schlesinger

Amazing Song Question

I tend to write songs that are about something pretty specific. A lot of them tell some kind of little made-up story.~Adam Schlesinger

Story Kind Tell